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Learn about Day Service at Nottingham's Carrington House

Coming soon! Day care services at Carrington House provide older people in Sherwood, Nottingham, with professional care and support for the day, combined with social interaction with others who share common interests.

A Day at Carrington House Day Care Services

Our day care program is designed to offer not just care and support, but also a vibrant social environment where participants can connect and thrive. Start your day with us with breakfast, enjoy a mid-morning snack, or indulge in a home-cooked lunch prepared by our talented chef. Meals are designed not only for nutrition but also for enjoyment and creating lasting memories.

Carrington House is more than just a dining experience; it's a hub of activity and companionship. Engage in a variety of activities tailored to different interests and abilities, ensuring everyone finds something they love. Socialise, make new friends, and enjoy meaningful interactions throughout the day.

For family carers, Carrington House offers peace of mind and much-needed respite. Knowing your loved one is in a safe, caring, and engaging environment allows you to focus on your own needs, whether catching up on tasks or simply relaxing.

Set in a stunning period home in Sherwood, Nottingham, our day care service is more than just a program; it's an experience. Our dedicated staff create a warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere where guests can relax and be themselves. Participate in activities according to your preferences, ensuring a flexible and supportive environment that adapts to individual needs.

Join us at Carrington House, where we're not just offering care; we're offering a community, comfort, and a chance to make every day special. Whether for respite care, socialisation, or simply enjoying a change of scenery, Carrington House Day Care Services in Sherwood, Nottingham, will soon be your preferred destination.

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