Respite care

Why Choose Respite Care at Nottingham's Carrington House

Sometimes you need time for yourself, especially when you care for someone else. Respite care at Carrington House allows you to take a well-earned break, knowing your loved one is being looked after.

Whether you're going on holiday, need a short break, or require emergency support, Carrington House aims to provide responsive respite care services within 48 hours from assessment. You can rely on us for prompt assistance, ensuring your loved one receives quality care and support from our friendly team of fully trained carers.

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When you get in touch with us, our registered manager will talk you through your options for respite care services.

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Respite care

Understanding Respite Care and Its Importance

At Carrington House, we recognise the essential role of primary caregivers and the challenges they face while providing continuous support to their loved ones. Respite care is an invaluable service that provides these caregivers with the opportunity for much-needed short-term relief.

Why Choose Respite Care for Your Loved One

The decision to seek respite care for a loved one can arise from various needs. You may be planning a holiday, requiring some personal time for rejuvenation, or facing an unforeseen circumstance that demands your attention elsewhere. Regardless of the situation, respite care presents a secure and nurturing environment for your loved one while offering you essential peace of mind.

Safety First: Carrington House's Nottingham-Based Facility

Our Nottingham-based facility at Carrington House has been designed with meticulous attention to safety. From reducing fall risks to minimising other hazards, we've prioritised the security of those in our care. With round-the-clock monitoring, our residents are never alone, ensuring immediate professional response during any medical emergencies.

Flexible, Swift, and Comprehensive Respite Care Services

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and comprehensiveness of our respite care services. Catering to individuals recovering from operations, living with long-term illnesses, disabilities, or conditions like dementia or cancer, we aim to provide our services within 48 hours of assessment. Our readiness extends to emergency respite care provision whenever required.

Our Commitment: High-Quality Care and Support

At Carrington House, we have an experienced team of fully trained carers dedicated to offering high-quality care and support. You can rest assured knowing that your loved one will receive the highest level of respect, kindness, and attention in your absence.

Tailored Respite Care Services with Carrington House

Upon reaching out to us, our registered manager will guide you through the various options, tailoring our services to meet your loved one's specific needs. We believe in providing personalised care that assures both your peace of mind and your loved one's comfort and well-being. Choose Carrington House for respite care - because everyone deserves a break, and everyone deserves the best care.

Our respite carers can support with:

Personal care:
Help with washing, getting dressed, help getting in and out of bed and intimate care.

Helping with administering medication on time

Help with mealtimes:
We provide a variety of home cooked meals on site and our carers are here to ensure they eat a balanced and fulfilling diet, and will happily help with meal prep, support with eating and clearing away after mealtimes.

A friendly face to chat to, rely on and enjoy their company.

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